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Print Extended Duties: Inferior Dental Nerve Blocks.

Extended Duties: Inferior Dental Nerve Blocks.
Date Added: 26/08/2008
Posted by:

Anneliese Bradley (Annie.B )

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Extended Duties: Inferior Dental Nerve Blocks.

This course was organised by the South West Dental Postgraduate Department
for Hygienists living in south west Cornwall.
Nine very nervous Hygienists attended Waterside Dental Care,Penryn, where Dr
Martin Wills had very kindly agreed to host us. The air of tension was broken
by the arrival of James Parker (BDS, MFGDP, MsurgDent RCS England) our tutor
for the afternoon.

James ParkerJames Parker

The first part of the afternoon was taken up by an excellent power point presentation.
This covered everything from types of anaesthetic through to complications.
Anatomy of the area was thoroughly revised, a relief to most of us who's student
day's are a dim and distant memory.

Back to classroom Finding the landmarks
James then demonstrated on a very willing Martin. Operator position, anatomical landmarks and point of needle insertion were all clearly explained and shown.
Then came the moment most of us had been dreading, it was our turn. In pairs we practised our positioning and demonstrated where we would insert the needle (with the sheath on) whilst James checked and helped us all individually.
Feeling confident myself and my colleague Ruth decided we were ready to " go for it " and do the real thing. I went first with a very brave Ruth being the patient and a very helpful James being my nurse. I decided to do the left side as this felt more comfortable for my first attempt. So with my thumb
on the external oblique ridge and my fingers firmly on the angle of the mandible in went the needle. A word of warning to anyone who is going to take this course, that long needle goes in a surprisingly long way until you feel bone - don't panic! All went well and James was happy with my technique. A quick swap over and it was my turn to be the patient. I hardly felt a thing, so well done and thankyou Ruth.

Annie getting gloved up Ruth gets her own back
Afterwards all nine of us agreed that we felt much more confident and we were all eager to get back to work on Monday and try it out on real patients or at least willing colleagues. Ten IDB's must be carried out, supervised, in practice before your full certificate is granted. There appears to be no time limit on this but James felt that it was probably best to do them as soon as possible so as not to lose the impetus.

Finally I must give thanks to James Parker, a truly excellent tutor, and also
Martin Wills for providing his excellent facilities.
Article written by Anneliese Bradley (Annie.B )

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 By: Foxyfloss On 21/11/2008
I apologise to use your wonderful write up to ask a question.
Are there any ID block courses coming to the NW England?
Well done for your excellent summary of what sounds to have been an enjoyable day.

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