I thought you may all be interested in a new project set up by James Goolnik:

As you know the number one reason  5-9 year olds are admitted to hospital in the UK is from Tooth decay. Shocking in this day and age.


As a parent I am fed up of fending off the sugar pushed to them. Everyone needs recognition but it doesn’t need to be food or sugar to motivate people.


There must be a better way. I have put together a team of Dentists, Doctors, Nutritionists and Psychologists to set up a non-profit called Rewards Project We aim to transform the way we reward our children so this behaviour is not modelled into adulthood.


I would love for you to ask your amazing community on Hygienist.co.uk to get involved:

  1. a) Share the message on social media and follow us rewardsproject.org
  2. b) Take the FREE sugar quiz at orgto see how much sugar you are eating.
  3. c) If they have children or have any connections with schools or nurseries ask them to complete the Rewards Review https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/schoolrewards



thanks very much


James Goolnik

Think Beyond Sugar

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